People at Pramaanam

Bhakti Joshi Picture1

A post-graduate in Economics, who has studied and worked in India and United States. Bhakti has worked extensively in corporate as well as academic environment.  She has authored multiple academic books in the subject of Business and Economics.

Bhakti Joshi is the subject matter expert at Pramaanam for Economics and Education.

Key strengths include – research, writing, consulting and teaching with additional interests in books, travel and music


Malaika Fernandes


A graduate in Sociology and Anthropology from St. Xavier’s College and a PG Diploma in event management. Malaika has more than a decade’s experience in industry –  6 years in Client Servicing with an e-Procurement company and 7 years in Human Resources as partner with Pink & White Consulting PR. She is a Co-Founder and Operations Head at Raffinare, a specialized venture in bespoke premium clothing.

Malaika Fernandes leads various creative aspects at Pramaanam such as storytelling and offline game formulation.

Key strengths include – training, system and process development, writing, consulting with additional interests in sports, travel and music.

Tarun Abhichandani, Ph.D.

Primarily a socio-technologist, Tarun has more than a decades experience in managing businesses and processes since 1996. He has to his credit more than 20 publications in refereed journal articles and conference proceedings as well as a book, an offshoot of his doctoral dissertation. He is a Co-Founder of Collective Mind of N Lab Private Limited, a company that focuses on identification and mitigation of biases among individuals.

Tarun Abhichandani leads the business development activity for the company.

Key strengths include – business development and alliances, research design and implementation  with additional interests in sports, books and music.


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