About Pramaanam


“Pramaanam” (means to knowledge) is a product of Pramaa Research that aims at simplifying concepts related to socio-economic topics via audios, videos and blogs.

Pramaanam aims at clearing all ambiguity and misinterpretation of information on topics that affect our daily lives. The blog content is targeted towards audiences who may not have basic understanding of certain issues but are curious to seek information and enhance their knowledge.

Pramaanam attempts to break all barriers  related to languages, traditions, customs across the globe to seek our right to knowledge and use various media formats – audio, video, blogs, and other social networks. While communication through this website is in English, our other media formats focus predominantly on regional languages.

Other related ventures include:
Head Scratching Notes: A non-classroom blog for college-going students.
Mindcurd: A blog that promotes personal well-being through self-reflection

DISCLAIMER: Pramaanam does not aim at promoting a particular brand but the relevant usefulness with consumption of the product/service that can benefit individuals in making informed decisions. Individuals may have known information about the products/services but as hearsay or as speculation, which can be clarified through Pramaanam. 

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