Water Woe-nomics – Ranting about the Dark Side

WE, water hoarders…are we irrational, you ask?

(The last blog left my Paranoid-Obsessive-Compulsive-Melodramatic (POCM) self a bit disturbed…I’m letting her express here in Italics while I restrain myself to communicating within brackets.)

Look…I may be crazy but not spiteful like those water wasters and water robbers who have deliberately bursted the water pipelines in Mumbai /Thane. And what’s with their childish attitude…”If I don’t get water, then no one gets water”. It is because of those MORONS that we chose to fit a water tank at the first place. And you call us irrational?

(Not exactly irrational, but was thinking in lines how unfair it could possibly be or some people who have large families or cannot afford to hoard water)

What do you mean unfair to them? Who asked the same people to bribe the water officials to fix the pipelines which continued to get tampered every year and now this trend has become a normal thing! Google it…Google it now…I’m not lying! This happens every year!

(Err…The news does not talk about bribes…what you heard about bribes was hearsay!)

HEARSAY! (Oh dear! Am I only one feeling this heat?) Hearsay got the people of LATUR seem like the most violent people on earth according to the state government. They must have been thirsty, hungry, and diseased… and most of all not BATHED for days. Expecting them to begin water riots in their condition is outright crazy. And what kind of rule is this according to Section 144 that restricted people from gathering around a source of water in large numbers? Who got Latur to this point of water scarcity, heh? Why are the farmers in Maharashtra killing themselves? Don’t blame it on lack of rainfall! Blame it on growing water-hogging crops like SUGARCANE, the industry lobbyists …aarrrggh!

(Err…you are losing focus!)

I cannot believe this! How am I losing focus? If it is anyone in this world who is losing focus then it is the people of Delhi and the Indian Army

(Now, I didn’t see this coming…from bursting pipelines to Indian Army? What IS going on in my head?)

There is a water scarcity in our country, my friend! How can we use water as HOSTAGE? Sabotaging the flow of water just to flex your power and control over certain sections of Delhi city! And when this supressed section protested, the army was sent to control them leading to few people dying…HOW INSANE IS THIS!

(Well! She is right…it is insane. And it will be more insane if I sounded like Marie Antoinette, “If you cannot drink water, drink wine.” Sigh! There are some crazy choices made by government, businesses, communities, or people at large. I really hope we find a long-term solution against water scarcity)
(To be Continued…)

Note: This blog was first published on CuriousEconomist.in on April 20, 2016 at http://curiouseconomist.in/water-woe-nomics-ranting-dark-side/

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