Are you CAW-lified?

In my professional tenure of over 13 years, I’ve led a CRM team with an e-procurement firm, freelanced as an independent recruiter and managed a human resources profile, as partner with a PR consultancy.

As part of my interactions I’d met the bubbly “I’m perfect for the job” kinds, the over-confident ‘I have an MBA degree, I know it all” kinds, the confused “Who am I? Where am I?” kinds, the aggressive “just better hire me” kinds, the entire range of them. Smart, confident and enthusiastic yet ill-prepared. These fascinating yet appalling  interactions with most freshers, led me to discover the inability of our current education system to help students develop employable skills and more importantly share updated knowledge on various professions and its copy

Eg: If you can’t express your ideas well on paper or have poor language skills, then Public Relations is not your space. Period. Your fancy BMM and Post Graduate Mass Communication degree is then futile.

How are the students going to figure this out on their own?

This was a problem that needed to be addressed and it’s then that the idea of the Career Appreciation Workshop [CAW] came to light. CAW is a workshop ;

  • that is experiential 
  • that is specific
  • that is designed to help students make early and informed choices in education and career 

It is unlike most career guidance or counseling workshops that are generic and tutorial in format.

(Click here to know more about the workshop designed for careers related to Marketing to be held on July 6, 2014).

CAW does not attempt to dissuade a student from a particular career choice. It merely attempts to help students map their technical and non-technical skills to the realities of the profession. If they don’t possess those skills, and are still passionate about that career, CAW will act as an early heads-up on additional courses or skill building programs they could indulge in.

CAW will give students a sound direction of thought. In the larger space (the real corporate battlefield), it will help businesses address the ‘job-fit’ human resource supply issue.

Inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s quote: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn, and in collaboration with Pramaanam (a start-up that works on simplifying knowledge sharing), I hope CAW works out just fine and students get truly CAWlified !

Interested! Know how you can Register for CAWMarketing, 2014, here:


By Malaika Fernandes

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